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PHP problem

Suppose you have an array named $a in php as $a=array(“a”,”b”,”c”,”a”,”c”,”r”,”e”,”t”,”f”,”h”,”l”,”y”,”s”,”m”); . You have to calculate how many different letters are there in this array using php. Write the php code.

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How to Create a Simple WordPress Plugin

When offering assistance or providing various snippets we regularly encourage individuals to make a WordPress plugin to manage every one of their modifications. Right here is exactly how you produce an extremely basic plugin to house all your little bits and modifications. WordPress Plugin Header. Right here is everything needs to be in your plugin Read More

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Ideas for Online Video Marketing

When formulating selling video, recollect which it doesn’t only have to enclose report about your product or services. In fact, there have been scores of opposite things which we can do with your video to have it a undiluted selling video. The actuality is which most advertisements upon YouTube, unless they have been especially unique, Read More

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